January Book Club: 'Inferno' by Catherine Cho. January 18 at 8 PM EST

Hi Everyone!
We want to welcome you to the National Trainee Reproductive Psychiatry Interest Group. As residents interested in reproductive psychiatry, we decided that collaboration is key in raising awareness and learning about these important issues. We want to start off 2022 with a virtual book club event based on Inferno: A Memoir of Motherhood and Madness by Catherine Cho. This is based on Catherine’s experience with postpartum psychosis, and after hearing her speak at the Marce of North America (MONA) conference, we thought it would be great to read her book. Book club will take place over Zoom on January 18 at 8 PM EST. Please fill out this form if you may attend and/or if you have recs for future book clubs. Reid will host with a powerpoint! Thanks & reach out if you have any questions.
Amanda and Reid