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Perinatal Access Programs:
National line: 1-877-499-4773. Learn more here.
15 states (Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin) represented in this list
New York: 1-855-227-7272. Learn more here.
South Carolina: 843-792-MOMS (6667). Learn more here.

Perinatal Inpatient, PHP, IOP, and Residential programs
Perinatal Inpatient, PHP, IOP
Residential Substance Use Treatment National Directory

Self-guided training:
National Curriculum in Reproductive Psychiatry- modules are free but must register an account. CME available.
MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health ‘Essential Reads’
APA Online Learning Module on Depression and Anxiety During Pregnancy and Postpartum
NIMH Innovation Speaker Series: ‘Addressing Social Determinants to Optimize Infant Brain Development’. Dr. Cynthia Rogers of Washington University, St. Louis, recorded 1/18/2022.
UNMC Psychiatry Grand Rounds: ‘Integrated mental health care models in obstetrical care: lessons learned through research and clinical practice’. Dr. Maria Muzik of UMichigan, recorded 11/10/21.
Developing Brain seminar series recordings
Recommended reading list on ‘Women, men, and LGBT mental health’ curated by Dr. Francis Lu, MD, DLFAPA Kim Professor in Cultural Psychiatry, Emeritus UC Davis

Healthful Woman podcast with Dr. Shari Lusskin on “Understanding Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders”
Psychopharmacology Institute free lectures (brief, good for commuting):
‘Clinical pearls in perinatal psychiatry’
‘Prescribing lithium during pregnancy pharmacokinetics dosing and monitoring’
‘First and second generation antipsychotics for bipolar disorder during pregnancy’
‘Prescribing antiepileptic drugs for bipolar disorder during pregnancy’
‘Bipolar emergencies in pregnancy suicidality and mania’
‘Reviewing the literature SSRIs in pregnancy and association with autism
‘Reviewing the literature antidepressants and teratogenicity’
‘Postpartum depression pharmacotherapy antidepressants and brexanolone’
‘Postpartum psychosis clinical considerations’
‘Treatment strategies for postpartum bipolar disorder and psychosis’
‘Medications During Breastfeeding: Guidelines and Labels’
‘Drug Use in Breastfeeding and Adverse Effects’
‘Antidepressants During Breastfeeding’
‘Assessing perimenopausal depression in clinical practice’
‘Treatment of perimenopausal depression’

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Clinical Rounds:
Register for MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health Virtual Rounds

Journal Clubs:
Please contact if you are interested in being connected to join the Mt. Sinai Reproductive Psychiatry Journal Club (meets monthly)

Social Media:
Reproductive Psychiatry-Women’s Mental Health Facebook Group for physicians (resident level and above)

Resources to Provide Patients
Connect a patient to a peer mentor through Postpartum Support International here
MothertoBaby fact sheets that answer frequently asked questions about many common exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding, including medications, recreational substances, cosmetic treatments, health conditions, infections, vaccines, and more.
Conversation starters to help partners and family members to notice and start talking about possible postpartum depression.\ Recommending gentle exercise postpartum? Share the link to ‘Movin with Momma’s’, a babywearing dance series collaboration with the Orlando Ballet, created and led by Repro Psych Trainees member Aanchal Shah (FSU COM ‘25)

National Organizations:
Marce of North America (MONA)
Postpartum Support International
Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance (MMHLA)
North American Society for Psychosocial Obstetrics and Gynecology (NASPOG)